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When Should You Survey Your Customers Or Clients For Maximum Effectiveness?

When you're considering the best ways to develop and grow your business and offer your customers the best possible experience, you need to discover what is and isn’t working.

Surveys are a fantastic way to discover how your customers perceive your company, and allow you to see what’s going well and what needs improving. But when should you provide client experience surveys? We take a look at vital moments where surveys can pay dividends.

Survey Customers Directly After Interaction

When a customer has just had an interaction with your staff members, either in person, over the phone, or via a video call or email, it's best to get their perspective on it quickly. The level of service they received and their overall customer experience will be fresh in their mind, and this can help you to get feedback on individual staff members and on whether customers are enjoying continuity of experience throughout their customer journey. This kind of always on-pulse survey can lead to excellent raw data.

Survey Customers Just Before Your Company Is Making A Big Change

Are you updating your offerings or changing the nature of the service you provide? Or are you undergoing a major structural change that could alter the customer journey? It's a great idea to take advantage of a one-off deep dive research survey that could help you to understand how best to facilitate your clients during this time, and what they expect going forward.

Survey At The End Of A Marketing Campaign

When you draw a marketing campaign to a close, it might be challenging to know how successful it was. A customer survey is a good way to assess who it reached, and whether it impacted their use of your company, or how you are perceived.

Survey When A Customer Leaves You

If a customer is leaving your company, either quickly or after a long period of loyalty, a survey can help you to understand why they are making this decision. You can also track any trends as to reasons for why customers no longer wish to use your service or purchase your goods. You might be able to gather valuable information that could lead to the implementation of real change - leading to less customers going elsewhere

Survey Annually

Surveying your clients (and staff) annually is good practice. Our flagship survey programmes offer a deep dive into your business and highlight areas that you are excelling, and also areas for improvement, giving you really meaningful MI and insights and an IIC award to showcase your CX credentials. Our Insight360 and Essential programmes are specifically designed for this, with every programme tailored to the individual company.

Trust Investor In Customers

Customer experience surveys are a vital part of your success. For help with creating the best customer experience survey questions, skilled customer experience survey companies such as Investor in Customers can help you to get high-quality results.

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