We bring the insight. You reap the rewards.

Do you want to attract and retain more business? Increase employee engagement? Boost profitability and prove you treat customers fairly? We can help.

Your customers have the power of choice.

They have higher expectations than ever and are willing and able to switch brands with ease. That's why customers are 5x more likely to buy from a company that delivers exceptional customer experience.

By acting on IIC assessment feedback, you can and will improve your customer experience. 76% of our clients improve their service and their IIC scores by their second assessment, and many report a double-digit increase in profits.

How we help.

We take survey feedback from your customers, employees and management team, uncovering the truth behind your customer experience. And we present our findings back with a detailed insight report.

By finding the quick wins for sustainable change, we form a plan of action. Reach our standard, and we'll accredit you with an Investor in Customers Award to promote trust and reassurance in your brand.


We have been measuring the Net Promoter Score® for our clients since 2006.

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Investor in Customers Gold Award where you might least expect it: Lowell Financial prove you can always deliver great CX, no matter what the nature of your business.

December 11, 2017
Investor in Customers has worked with Lowell Financial for five years. They are a leading credit management company specialising in helping customers repay their debts and improve their credit rating. It is a difficult business to be in, where their customer relationships are ‘bought’ from clien...
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