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It’s hard to know what aspects of Customer Experience to focus on as an organisation. There are many different routes to take, and it’s hard to know if you’re picking the right ones.

In addition to that, having an in-house Customer Experience and or Customer focused insight team can be costly and hard to justify.


Customer 360 (snap-shot): Our yearly wide-ranging full CX assessment resulting in a bronze, silver or gold accreditation.

Customer 360 (always on): Our ‘always on’ CX assessment allowing you to keep a real-time eye on the experience you are offering. Can also result in a bronze, silver or gold accreditation.

Employee 360: Understand the experience you are offering to your employees with our ‘always on’ surveying and insight model.

Leadership 360: Understand the experience you are offering to your leaders with our ‘always on’ surveying and insight model.

Consumer Duty Assessment: Assess your Consumer Duty preparedness internally through key business driver analysis, or through your consumer outcomes with our assessment.

CX Maturity Assessment: Understand how well developed the customer culture of your business is, through assessment versus key drivers of customer culture.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): Outsource your NPS surveying to us, removing the need for internal recourse and cost to be allocated to your measurement.

Customer Effort Score (CES): Outsource your CES surveying to us, removing the need for internal recourse and cost to be allocated to your measurement.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Outsource your CSAT surveying to us, removing the need for internal recourse and cost to be allocated to your measurement.


Sales Training: We’ll develop your sales skills through highly bespoke training programmes. Through analysis and adjustment of your ways of working you'll deliver better transactions with your customer – in offline and online environments.

Ambassador Programme: An integral part of employee engagement - our award winning training programme will upskill the members of your organisation that have the potential to be your most inspiring brand advocates.

CX mentoring: Alongside our partners, we’ll develop bespoke training programmes that enable you to energise and empower your employees and build trust with your customers.

Advice & Guidance: Real change comes from the inside. Our team of experts will work with you to build a positive workplace culture and a cohesive identity that will power you towards hitting your strategic goals.


Closed Loop Implementation: Knowing how your customers rate you is part of the plan but following up on those ratings – good and bad – is an essential part of business success. We’ll guide you on implementing a plan to capture feedback in a timely manner.


Customer Journey Mapping: Developing a smooth customer journey is no mean feat, and may require investment and internal change. Deliver it well however, and you have solved one of the most frequently criticised areas of customer experience. We can
re-model the journey to place your customer at the heart.


Marketing Strategy: Ensuring that your brand promise is delivered through every touchpoint is vital. Our highly skilled brand and creative strategists will ensure that all of your marketing – off and online – is truly integrated and mirror your customer-centric ambitions


Customer Purpose: A joined up and effective brand experience is the Holy Grail for most marketers. We strongly believe that brand and customer purpose are intrinsically linked. We’ll work with you to develop a customer purpose that really packs the punch.

Clients Reviews


We have worked with iiC for over 4 years now, the team are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and flexible and really work with you to help to make the assessment process as straightforward as possible. The in-depth analysis and insight obtained from the assessment is really valuable to help you understand any areas for improvement and to remain focussed on continuous improvement.

Natasha Glasgow, Broadstone

The scale and depth of insight provided through an IIC survey is invaluable. It highlights what you are doing well, and exactly how you can improve customer experience.

Claire Pope, Quartix

Investor in Customers as a team and as a process are highly recommended.  As to be expected they are very customer focussed and approachable and guide you through all stages of the survey process and subsequent results with the minimum of fuss.

Rick Keeble, Oplo

I have always found the team at IIC knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have made the assessment process very simple and more importantly  have provided us with valuable interdependent feedback, that we can use.

Ian Burke, Trafalgar House

I would highly recommend IIC to any company serious about excellent service. Its a very thorough survey, and to get a 360 degree view on the customer experience is invaluable, no matter how big or small your company is. 

Sofie Westlake, Quartix

Everything was made as user friendly as possible for us, and ultimately I believe led to our success. It is truly heartening to see an organisation like IIC practice what they preach - they place us as the customer, at the centre of all that they do

Vice President, Northern Trust

Investor in Customers is now widely recognised as the benchmark to articulate the delivery of customer satisfaction

Group CEO, AXA

IIC help us to develop both our external customer relationships and internal culture. I'm really pleased with the way that we are challenged to make necessary changes to our mindset and processes

Commercial Director, NSG Pilkington

We found IIC’s assessment to be extremely thorough, with the four principled, 16-themed approach resulting in very detailed feedback. The findings have enabled us to clearly see what we are doing well, and where we can do even better, making what they do great value for money

Managing Director, Prism Network

We find the IIC process highly useful. It tracks our progress, identifies if our staff and management are aligned with our customer objectives. We also love the fact that it is statistically significant and objective

Managing Director, Intrum

Delivering exceptional client service is at the heart of our business. The assessment process and customer journey mapping work we've undertaken with IIC has been invaluable in providing independent insight into how we can continually improve our business. It is a powerful, recognised accreditation, which we actively use in the marketplace.

Marketing Director, Bishop Fleming LLP

In the last 10 months we have been fortunate enough to receive 5 awards from our peers within the insurance industry. One area that sets us apart from our competition, and was mentioned by the judges, is our relationship with IIC. For us this is a clear differentiator from our competition and is solid evidence of the service that we deliver to our clients. It's easy to say you deliver good customer service - we can prove it

Director, Square Mile Broking

Having worked with Investor in Customers on previous customer engagement activities, Tandem were keen to take advantage of the opportunity to work with IIC in relation to the new Consumer Duty Principle.  The output from these initial surveys has been used to support our internal assessment against the four outcomes.

The whole process has been seamless, with IIC taking responsibility for the communication and gathering of responses.

Joseph Hall

Meet the Team

Tony Barritt

Managing Director

James Edmonds

Customer Experience Director

Sharon Clapp

Head of Customer Experience

Kirsty Kelly

Data Analyst and Customer Experience Executive

Lisa Kruger

Customer Experience Project Manager

John Moret


Guy Vanner

Non-Executive Director

David Lee

Non-Executive Director

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