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Partners& achieves Gold
Investor in Customers award

Chad l

Chadwick Lawrence awarded
Silver in 2022 IIC survey

IIC on IIC 2022

We're delighted to announce that we have again achieved a Gold award in our 2022 'IIC on IIC' assessment, where we are assessed versus our own framework.

The assessment which was performed by an external independent provider saw us record our highest ever score of 8.76!

You can find out more by clicking the button to the left, or contacting us to talk about how we can help your business.

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Footman James achieves Gold
Investor in Customers award


Quartix gets a Gold in 2023 for exceptional service

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Intrum cements top customer
service rating

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Fidelius awarded IIC Gold

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Lantern - shining the light on
customer experience

Untitled design - 2022-10-17T163134.394

CMAC Group record an outstanding silver award for Customer Experience

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