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5 Ways to Avoid Costly Customer Service Mistakes.

Having assessed over 3 million people and evaluated hundreds of organisations, we know a little something about the most common pitfalls and costly customer service mistakes.

We list our top tips to help you avoid them:

1.  Never ignore customer complaints, especially if they are all saying similar things. Complaints identify flaws in the customer journey and must be resolved sooner rather than later.

2. If you think training is expensive, try running a business with untrained and unskilled workers. Then you’ll understand the true meaning of expensive.

3. Frontline workers are there to help your customers, listen to them and deliver what they need. They are the eyes and ears of your #customer’s experience.

4. The human touch. Despite the evolution of technology, customers want, need and desire the human connection when buying from you. Don’t replace a person with an automated voice. Use technology as a tool to support your customer experience, not to replace it.

5. Listen, listen and then listen some more. Your customers and employees are your most valuable assets. Embrace their feedback, encourage it, act on it and develop long-term strategies to deliver what they want, when they want it and how they’d like it packaged.