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Can Businesses Turn Customers Away For Bad Behaviour?

Most people who have worked in a customer service environment will have a story or two about the bad behaviour they experienced from a customer. Unfortunately, some people will act rudely or disrespectfully to employees that they meet in face-to-face service businesses, whether that's in a shop, garage, leisure or hospitality venue, or entertainment space.


Naturally, as a business owner, this type of hostile encounter is unwanted and a cause for concern - but should you turn away customers that exhibit bad behaviour or will it damage your brand?

Set your standards

At Investor in Customers, we are all about offering the best possible customer experience, and investing in this service to grow, retain and maximise your customer market. But we draw the line at bad behaviour and believe that businesses should never put rude customers above the wellbeing of their employees, simply to chase profits. This kind of behaviour creates low standards - and an increasing race to the bottom.

The value of a high standards business

A high-standards business will invite customers to experience its offer in an enjoyable, respectful and mutually beneficial transaction that brings something to each party. Business is built upon successful, positive and mutually-profitable transactions, which offer both parties something that they need.

Short-term gains - long-term losses

When a customer is rude and disrespectful, the business may still get its income, but it will lose its staff - especially if it allows a culture where customers can be rude. Employees will rapidly become demoralised, feel unsafe and want to go and work for an employer that respects and values them.

Focus on talent retention

With talent at a premium, one of the best things you can do for your business is to retain your trained, experienced staff. Set a clear policy that politely explains that you will not accept rude or insulting customers on your premises. Post this policy clearly for people to see.

Show your business values

This step will show your employees that you are prepared to put their well-being above profits. By keeping your experienced, trained and high-performing staff within their roles, you can retain your true customers - those who value your business and who choose to patronise it, because they like your brand.

In conclusion

Today's customers want more than good products and services. They want to support businesses that have clear, meaningful values, that support people and help the communities in which they serve. Today's talented individuals want to work for businesses that develop, respect, value and support them.

Together, these two drivers require you to be an employer with principles and integrity - and to say a hard no to bad behaviour on your premises, even from customers who are prepared to put money in your till. Do this and your business will be far more successful in the longer term. For more information please get in touch today.

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