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What is the difference between employee engagement and job satisfaction?

As an employer, you want your employees to be happy and fulfilled at work - this can create better productivity and staff loyalty. Not only that, but engaged employees can bring a lot to the table. But what is the difference between employee engagement and job satisfaction? We explore the importance of understanding how these differ, and ways to improve employee engagement.

What is job satisfaction?

When we speak of job satisfaction, this refers to a worker enjoying their job. They may be happy and content to come into work each day, but they may not be actively engaged in their job and seeking progression.

What is meant by employee engagement?

Employee engagement is notably different from job satisfaction. An engaged employee is a worker who is actively committed to company success. They will believe in the company values and goals and want to work to achieve these, as well as seeking progression and improvement.

Why does employee engagement matter?

Job satisfaction is a wonderful thing for employees and employers, but employee engagement is vital. This means that employees will want to strive to make a company successful and will be happy to turn up to work. This results in more reliable employees, who will be less likely to leave over small issues.

Is job satisfaction enough?

Employees who are satisfied with their jobs will usually perform well and remain productive in their roles - however, they are unlikely to go over and above to achieve more. Job satisfaction and contentment does not spur employees into action, to find innovative ways of doing things. For employees who will truly be part of your success going forward, working to engage your employees is the best path. Engaged employees are far more likely to not just be happy and satisfied with their positions, they will be working to improve an organisation.

How to achieve employee engagement

Working to achieve true employee engagement is not easy, but it can be done. By working to develop new ways of doing things and streamlining your processes, you can improve the overall working environment and involve your employees in each success. Supporting colleagues when help is required and providing clarity in your goals and any offered progression are also vital.

How Investor in Customers can help

If you are seeking help in turning your satisfied employees into engaged employees, then Investor in Customers can help. We are specialists in helping companies create more engaged employees who can then offer a better experience for your customers. Get in touch to find out more.

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