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Customer Experience Working

Customer Experience (CX) outcomes for every company are different.

Obviously, the main essence of CX should be the same no matter what company you are in; what industry you are in; or wherever you are - but when measuring your feedback, results can sometimes surprise us.


At Investor in Customers (IIC) we have been measuring clients’ CX since 2006 and consider ourselves experts in this field. We have surveyed over 4 million people in that time and over 300 companies.

Year on year the CX bar has been rising, mainly due to consumer expectations that they want ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) and they want ‘it’ now!

A few things we have noticed over the past 18-months:

  • CX results over the Covid period took a downturn. Client scores, staff scores and overall scores, across almost every assessment we did, dropped year on year – but, over the last couple of months the tide has turned, and scores are creeping back again.

  • Senior Managers across the board, tend to see their companies through rose-tinted glasses and often don’t have as clear a grasp on the CX being delivered as customers perceive to be receiving. But, on a recent assessment, the Senior Management team scored lowest out of their clients; their staff and also our own external IIC perception! I must admit, this was quite refreshing.

  • Silver awards are still our most common award at 44% of all assessments. 2% don’t score an award at all, leaving plenty of room for improvement.

  • Our lowest theme across all industries and all audiences is around Anticipating Needs. A crystal ball would be handy, but they seem to be in short supply! The easiest way to address this is simply by asking.

Does some of this resonate with you in your company? Want to find out more?

We have a wide range of service offerings that will help monitor and raise the bar of the CX you are delivering, and, if you are in a regulated business, such as Financial Services, our programmes will help towards proving you are meeting those criteria.

Contact us now for further information.

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