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Investor in Customers is focused on helping organisations attract and retain more customers through enhancing the customer experience they deliver.

Our customers have told us we are 'Exceptional'

We believe in practising what we preach, so in December 2016 we asked an external marketing consultant to independently run a self assessment on us —the same way that we would assess our own customers.
We asked our customers and our staff and managers their views on the service we offer.
What were the results?
We are absolutely delighted to have achieved an 'Exceptional' 3-star award!

Helping you be remarkable

IIC is trusted by a wide variety of businesses to deliver insight into their customers' experience. We work with you to identify the crucial gap between the service you think you provide and what the customers believe they receive. We then help put in place strategies that are designed to help you build a remarkable business.

How things work

What happens when we carry out an independent assessment of your organisation.


We have been measuring the Net Promoter Score® for our clients since 2006.


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