Why completing the IIC assessment questionnaire is so important.

Your feedback will make a real difference

Here at Investor in Customers, we have been carrying out in-depth Customer Experience (CX) assessments for organisations for more than 12 years. We interpret the results from these assessments and give our clients detailed and personalised action plans to ensure improvement in their CX delivery. Our clients come from all sectors – both consumer and B2B – but they all share a desire to understand better the customer experience that they currently deliver, and to enhance as much as possible in the future. That's why your responses can make a real difference. You can find out more about the IIC assessment process here.

Customer experience safe hands

We take our role in this process very seriously. You can be assured that we handle our clients' data using rigorous security procedures, and within appropriate time frames. For further details about how we use and handle data, please read our full Privacy Notice.

Why is it important to measure customer experience?

Experts agree that the quality of the customer experience that an organisation delivers is the single largest factor in determining its profitability and long-term success. Find out how we can help your business understand and improve its customer experience by visiting our assessments page or by clicking on the links below.

CX assessment for small to medium size organisations

CX assessment for medium to large size organisations