Senior Managers & Certification Regime

The SM&CR makes it more important for Senior Managers and Non-Executive Directors of FCA regulated businesses to have confidence that every one of their departments and teams deliver consistently excellent service, in line with regulatory requirements and any client charter, or promises that are made. 

Statistics from more than 12 years of IIC assessments reveal:

WIth SM&CR firmly in place now, almost all employees are subject to the five conduct rules, which include a requirement to pay due regard to the interests of clients and treat them fairly, and Senior Managers, subject to four additional conduct rules to ensure that the business they are responsible for is controlled effectively, and that they comply with the relevant requirement and standards of the regulatory system.

The specific SM&CR IIC assessment not only provides detailed evidence that clients are treated fairly, and that managers and employees understand their obligations, but it also provides an action plan to drive future success and a recognised award to help attract and retain clients in an increasingly competitive world. 

The SM&CR IIC Assessment

IIC collects feedback from clients to enable independent validation of your client principles, culture and delivery. It demonstrates you have an ongoing commitment to client feedback and improvement, because the insights gathered will help you address weak spots and enhance strengths, year-on-year. 

The employee and manager feedback in the IIC assessment reports also gives you an audit of your teams' customer experience performance. Giving you the evidence that you regularly measure and have documented feedback, whilst also providing you with reassurance in the context of the potential SM&CR demands in this area.

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