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Harness the power of insight to improve customer experience.

Investor in Customers is an independent customer experience agency that helps businesses like yours.

We conduct thorough assessments, develop detailed insights, and award annual accreditations that show customers you care. Putting you head and shoulders above your competition.

By uncovering the truth behind the customer experience you deliver, we can help your business be remarkable. More importantly, we can help make you more profitable too.

Uncovering insights and issues.

Using verified survey methodology, we'll get feedback from your customers, employees and management team.

We get to the root of the problem by identifying the weak links in the customer experience that your employees and managers deliver. Our findings are presented in an insight report that's divided by 16 themes, plus your chosen employee and customer segmentation.

Drive improvement.

By finding the quick wins for sustainable change, we'll form a plan of action. Sharing best practice examples and benchmarks from the Investor in Customers community.

Reward best practice.

Reach our standard and we'll accredit you with an Investor in Customers Award – Bronze, Silver or even the exceptional Gold standard - to promote trust and reassurance in your brand.

Bespoke service.

Our surveys and reports follow a core framework, but are personalised to your unique challenges and requirements. From planning to implementation, you'll be supported by our team of experts.

Affordable and easy.

Our multi-year subscription model offers an affordable annual customer experience appraisal of your business. Helping you validate the progress you make, year-on-year.

Remarkable is in your reach.

So if you want to attract and retain more business, increase employee engagement and boost profitability. Talk to us today.