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The Investor in Customers Award

IIC Gold Award
IIC Silver Award
IIC Bronze Award

Based on the outcome and results of your IIC assessment, we'll accredit you with an Investor in Customers Award – Bronze, Silver or even the exceptional Gold standard. Our assessments are built around four principles of customer experience, which are divided into 16 themes.

Principal 1

IIC assessment method - principal 1 - understand customer needs

Principal 2

Principal 3

IIC assessment method - principal 3 - delight customers

Principal 4

IIC assessment method - principal 4 - create loyalty

To achieve an award, your assessment results must fulfil the following criteria:

IIC Gold Award Criteria
IIC Silver Award Criteria
IIC Bronze Award Criteria

If your organisation is accredited with an award via our Insight360 assessment, you will receive a specially commissioned trophy featuring the award rating and your logo as well as a framed certificate. Our personalised wall plaques are available to purchase, as are additional trophies and certificates.

Via our Essential assessment, you will have the option to purchase any of the three in any quantity. With both assessments, we will provide you with an award logo that you can add to all your promotional material and marketing communications for a year.

Investor in Customers Trophy 2019
Investor in Customers Certificate 2019
Investor in Customers Wall Plaque 2018

IIC on IIC assessment - practicing what we preach

Through an independent consultant we regularly conduct an Investor in Customers assessment on ourselves!

We were delighted that in our last assessment our customers deemed us worthy of an IIC Gold Award:

  • 95% of our customers stating we make everything as straightforward as possible.
  • 92% agreeing we provide a good on-going service and support, helping make sure their IIC assessment delivered measurable results.
  • 95% claiming they would recommend us to someone else due to:
    • The credible excellence of the insights
    • The ease and cost efficiency of the service
    • The strategic business benefits they experienced
    • The endorsement of the independent Investor in Customers Award

In addition:

  • 76% of our customers improve their service and IIC scores by their second assessment. With many reporting a double-digit increase in profits.
  • 73% have seen improvements in their customer loyalty, reducing expensive acquisitions costs and creating powerful advocates of their business.
  • 77% have used their IIC findings to build employee engagement – benefitting from the established link between motivated employees and happy customers.

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