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CX assessment & accreditation by IIC > Insight360 - for larger organisations

Not just the voice of the customer. We go 360.

Our unique CX assessment methodology sets us apart.

Is it for you?

  • You want to transform your business to put CX at the heart of everything you do, because you know that means winning and retaining more business, as well as attracting better staff and keeping them.

  • You want immediate actionable insight to improve customer and employee experience to boost customer advocacy and retention, as well as employee happiness and retention.

  • You want to establish clear differentiation to help boost your marketing and sales efforts

  • You need to independently prove your level of customer experience for your regulatory body or trade association.

    What will you get?

    • We will gather your customer, employee and management perception data via questionnaires, in-line with our 16-point methodology, and add our IIC perception and analysis to give you a true 360° stakeholder analysis of your CX and EX.

    • We will measure your customer advocacy, identifying your most loyal customers and those that may be at risk.

    • We will present your fully segmented analysis and insight report face-to-face and create a bespoke action plan for your business, with active touch-points with IIC along the way to help keep you on track over a 12-month period.

    • We will award you with an IIC Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation, if your assessment results reach our exacting standards.

    Customer experience recognition: the IIC award accreditation

    Proof that you are customer-centric.

    Reach our standard and we'll accredit you with an Investor in Customers award – bronze, silver or even the exceptional gold standard - to promote trust and reassurance in your brand and to help you prove that you meet your regulatory standards for customer experience excellence.

    IIC Gold Award
    IIC Silver Award
    IIC Bronze Award

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