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Developed for larger organisations, our Insight360 assessment provides you with a detailed diagnostic and clear action plan to help you benchmark and improve your customer experience. Develop your competitive advantage by ensuring your customers stay longer, buy more, and say positive things about you.

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Not just the voice of the customer

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Is it for you?

  • Designed for larger businesses with more than 5000 customers and 50 employees.

  • You want to transform your business to put CX at the heart of everything you do, because you know that means winning and retaining more business, as well as attracting better employees and keeping them.

  • You want immediate actionable insight to identify dissatisfied customers to put in place strategies to keep their business.

  • You want a clear action plan (and on-going support) to put customers at the heart of your business.

  • You want to identify how well your employees engage with your customers and how committed they are to delivering an exceptional and consistent CX; as well as identifying how they can support each other to focus on customer needs.

  • You want to establish a position of differentiation to win new business.

  • You need to independently prove your level of customer experience for your regulatory body or trade association.

What will you get?

  • We will gather your customer, employee and management perception data via questionnaires, using our 16-point CX assessment methodology, and add our IIC perception and analysis to give you a true 360° stakeholder analysis of your CX and EX.

  • We will enable you to listen to the voice of your customer and the voice of your employee to identify service improvements.

  • We will measure your customer advocacy, identifying your most loyal customers and those that may be at risk.

  • We will present your fully segmented analysis and insight report face-to-face and create a bespoke action plan for your business, with active touch-points with IIC along the way to help keep you on-track over a 12-month period.

  • Subject to achieving the standard, we will award you with an IIC accreditation (gold, silver or bronze).

  • Membership of the IIC community to benchmark your results against other customer centric organisations, share best practice and keep up-to-date with leading exponents of CX.

What is included?

  • Tailored questionnaires sent to your customers; employees and senior managers.
  • Unlimited customer and employee segments. With specific questionnaires for each segment if required.
  • Unlimited additional questions for customers, employees and senior managers - for additional insight beyond our 16-point CX assessment methodology.
  • An independently verified Net Promoter Score® to assess customer and employee loyalty and identify the reasons why customers and employees will or won’t recommend you to others.
  • A full presentation to your project team detailing all results.
  • An executive summary presentation to your senior team – highlighting the core results and key actions to take.
  • Copies of all presentations.
  • Details of all customer and employee comments (qualitative responses).
  • Your independently verified IIC Award, together with customised IIC trophy and certificate, promoting your excellence in CX.
  • The rights to use our full suite of digital award assets. For use on your website and in any other printed or digital collateral.
  • 12-months on-going support to discuss new initiatives, sense check customer experience strategies and to benefit from IIC’s 12-years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading customer experience consultancies.
  • Access to the IIC Community allowing you to benchmark your customer experience activities with other organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. Sharing best practice and learning from each other about how to exceed ever increasing customer expectations.
  • Your designated IIC practitioners will be on-hand throughout the process to make sure everything runs smoothly, and you get the maximum benefit from your assessment.

We are fully GDPR compliant and take data security extremely seriously - both with our own records, and those we work with on behalf of our valued clients. For full information on how we process data, please read our Privacy Notice.

What does a typical timescale look like?

The end-to-end process for a full IIC assessment, is designed to cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day business activities. Usually full feedback is provided within 6-8 weeks with on-going support for a further 12 months.

Your IIC assessment will give you an honest, independent view that you simply cannot get from internal reports.

We will conduct an implementation meeting with you to agree how to adapt the IIC framework to best suit your needs. This meeting will allow us to agree the best questions to provide the information you require; the segments that you wish to analyse and the best time to run the project.

We will send questionnaires to all (or a selection of) your customers, employees and management. In addition, or alternatively, we can set up dedicated URL links to the relevant surveys which can be sent directly to customers by your senior team or key account managers.

We use standard question sets but, where appropriate, will tailor these to your business requirements. The customer and employee question sets are different but cover the same topics, which allows direct comparison between internal and external perceptions of your business. We include “free text” questions which tend to point to specific areas where improvements can be made. 

We also ask you to complete a short questionnaire which asks you about how you deal with your customers (complaints procedures, how you collect feedback etc). The responses to these questions, together with analysis of your website and literature are scored to provide an external perception of your customer centricity.

We will work with your project team to help with data, agreeing questions and email communications. We suggest that you brief key members of your team as soon as possible and mention the project to all employees and customers in advance. This helps to drive up response rates and assures customers that the questionnaires are genuine. The process usually involves you sending a warm-up email out a few days before we go live. We will provide you with examples of briefing documents and warm-up communications.

Examples from the report you will receive from us

We will provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing all feedback scores and comparisons between key stakeholder groups and relevant segments, together with a benchmark to how you compare to other IIC customers.  We also deliver an action plan detailing the steps to take to improve the service you provide.  You will also receive copies of all customer; employee and management comments.

Sample output:

CX assessment for small to medium size organisations