Customer experience: where is the greatest weak spot?

In a world where customers are expecting more and more, and where competition only gets fiercer, delivering exceptional customer experience is essential. Experts agree that the quality of the customer experience that an organisation delivers is the single largest factor in determining its profitability and long-term success. 

Investor in Customers (IIC) exists to help companies harness the power of insight to improve customer experience. In 12 years of IIC assessments, we have gathered feedback from more than 2 million of our clients' customers - providing robust trends for the strengths but also the weak links in CX delivery in the UK.

The management perception gap.

Our unique assessment methodology gathers feedback from our clients' customers, employees and managers, split down into different specific business areas and customer segments.

Typically we find that over 70% of managers and employees rate the CX they deliver higher than their customers do, and senior managers usually give the highest rating of all. 

This highlights a worrying gap between management perception and the reality of what is happening for their customers.

Managers and employees rate customer experience higher than customers do

The biggest driver of dissatisfaction.

The IIC assessment is built around a range of customer experience principles and themes. Analysing all our client data, we find the weakest area of customer experience delivery to be 'Understanding Customer Needs'

We find many organisations are excellent at delighting their customers through promotions, and 'giving in to every request', but unless they understand the individual needs of their customers, this is just lip service, and glosses over their deficiencies in delivering 'needs-led' personalised services and communications, which creates barriers to customer advocacy and retention.

An IIC assessment pinpoints these issues and areas of improvement, and provides achievable action plans to help shape the future of the business.

12 year IIC CX assessment theme data chart

Unique CX methodology that sets us apart.

Are you confident that your business delivers the very best Customer Experience? 

Our assessments deliver valuable insight about the true customer experience found in a business. With a unique methodology that listens to three key voices (customers, employees and managers), broken down in various ways – by geography, customer segment or by department, for example – across four key principles of great customer experience. These principles are the split into 16 themes, drilling down into the realities of customer service levels a company is delivering. The insight is enlightening. 

AXA Group CEO testimonial quote for Investor in Customers

Recognising Customer Experience Excellence

An Investor in Customers assessment can also deliver an accreditation in the shape of our industry-recognised IIC Gold, Silver or Bronze Award

If you recognise the importance of the customer experience that your organisation delivers, and you would like to understand how you could assess and enhance it, contact us today.