You'll find answers to our 'most asked' questions here. But nothing beats having a conversation, so do pick up the phone - we're here to help.

1. The Concept.

Is IIC suitable for our business?

IIC clients range from relatively small, fast-growing businesses to large corporations, covering almost every sector.  They share one thing in common – an understanding that enhancing the customer experience they provide will improve their business.

Does IIC apply to consumer brands as well as B2B?

Yes. IIC is relevant to a wide range of businesses that need to engage with customers. Our client base is split 50/50 between consumer and B2B brands.

How was the IIC model developed?

We started off in 2006 with a concept, articulated in three words, Investor in Customers. Research into best practice gave us a detailed analysis of expert thinking in the field. The IIC model was developed from this base. We keep an eye on the latest developments but subsequent refinements are based on our own practical experience of carrying out assessments for a large number of clients. The IIC model has been rigorously tested in a live environment – more than 50,000 questionnaire responses a year.

Has your methodology been tested by a third party?

Yes, in 2010 we commissioned a study by Dr Yvonne Hoeger from Exeter University and she verified the IIC process and outputs. If you'd like more information about this, please ask.

What do your existing clients think about you?

We commissioned an independent consultant to run a self-assessment on IIC, and are delighted to share that our clients scored us 8.61 out of 10 – an IIC Gold Award status! 95% of our clients said they would recommend us to another business. Here’s why:

  • The credible, excellence of the insights
  • Ease and cost efficiency of the service
  • Strategic business benefits
  • The endorsement of the Investor in Customers Award

2. The Investor in Customers Award.

Can we sign up for more than one year?

Our multi-year subscription model offers you an affordable annual customer experience appraisal of your business, helping you to validate the changes and progress you make, year-on-year.

Can I talk to any existing companies with an IIC Award?

Yes, many of our clients have agreed to act as a reference for us. You can see some testimonials on our website and we can happily supply you with contacts to speak to.

Do we get an IIC Award trophy?

Yes, providing you fulfil the criteria, you'll receive a specially commissioned crystal trophy with your logo and IIC Award rating as well as a framed Certificate. You can order additional IIC Awards, plaques and certificates.

How long does the IIC Award last for?

Markets are fast moving, reflecting changing customer needs. The IIC Award is therefore dated annually and valid for 12 months.

How do we make the most of winning the IIC Award?

The IIC Award is a mark of trust and reassurance – to show customers and employees you care. We can advise you on how to share the news with your customers and employees, and how best to display it in your marketing channels and website/offices. We will also provide help and advice to you to ensure you get the best coverage in your chosen media.

3. The Process.

How long does it take to complete the assessment process?

Typically, the process takes six to eight weeks.

How is this broken down?

Generally, the first three weeks are spent understanding your needs, preparing the data, agreeing the questions and customising the process. The next two weeks see your customers, employees and managers contacted for their views.  The last three weeks are spent analysing the results, including establishing your IIC Award status if the criteria have been met, preparing our report and action plan, and feeding back to you.

Can you give some more detail on the deliverables?

IIC’s comprehensive report will include feedback scores and comparisons between key stakeholder groups or segments, benchmarks on how you compare with other IIC clients, an action plan detailing steps to improve your service, copies of anonymous customer, employee and management comments, an engraved trophy and framed certificate (plus more if needed), and IIC Award digital assets and help with generating PR and marketing.

An IIC assessment doesn’t stop after this feedback.  We work with you during the year to help you implement the action plan we develop with you, support you in your journey to exceptional customer experience and introduce you to other members of the IIC community to allow you to share best practice.

Can we ask our customers a few questions of our own?

Yes, we are very happy to discuss including additional questions – tailored to your specific needs - when setting up your assessment with you.  Your own questions can ask for free text responses, multiple choice selections or can be scored on a 1-10 (or other) rating.

How much work does it involve for our employees?

Ideally, we ask you to nominate a dedicated project manager we can work with. Typically, they would spend two weeks of elapsed time over the period. However, we are on hand to help them every step of the way. Employees need to spend no more than ten minutes completing the questionnaire.