your customer, employee and management customer experience perceptions, using our bespoke questionnaire management platform.


the priority areas of miss-alignment and potential CX malignancy in your organisation, as well as areas of best practice.


the precise changes you need to make, backed with quantitative and qualitative data, and wrapped up in a detailed action-plan.


with an independent accreditation to verify your high level of CX delivery, to help you with differentiation and compliance.

IIC's unique 16-point methodology

Our assessments are built around 4 principles of customer experience, which are divided into 16 themes. This allows us to pinpoint your issues and areas of opportunity to develop, which we can feedback to you in our detailed IIC assessment report findings.

Principle 1

Principle 2

Principle 3

Principle 4

Bespoke questions can be added to the questionnaire to explain the 'why' - as numbers mean a lot more with the detail. We work with you to design these specific additional questions to add to our standard measures – to get the information that explains your underlying scores and helps identify key components of the resulting action plan we will build for you.

The IIC Award

 Differentiate. Prove. Comply.

Reach our standard and we'll accredit you with an Investor in Customers Award – bronze, silver or even the exceptional gold standard - to promote trust and reassurance in your brand and to help you prove that you meet your regulatory standards for customer service excellence.

Proof that you are customer centric

Regulatory body & trade association compliance

For those who have to adhere to regulatory body requirements, such as the FCA's Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR), the assessment provides an invaluable audit trail to prove you consider your customers' needs top priority.

CX assessment for small to medium size organisations

CX assessment for medium to large size organisations