Our brand values.

  • Understanding – we're open, we listen, learn and walk in your shoes
  • Personal – we're warm, easy to do business with, flexible in our approach
  • Experts – we're knowledgeable, authentic, we set the benchmark
  • Trustworthy – we're honest, accurate and independent, we keep our promises

Our ambition.

To be recognised as the authority which sets the standard for UK customer experience – providing the Award and customer truths that companies aspire to gain, helping improve customer experience for all.

Our approach to CX is different

Using verified methodology, we'll get feedback from your customers, employees and management team via bespoke questionnaires.

It is vital to understand how different parts of your business are working and what your different types of customers think. IIC gives you four audiences and multiple segments, dividing these into specific business areas and customer types. This approach gives real depth and dimension to the resulting insight.

We get to the root of any problem by identifying the weak links in the customer care and experience that your employees and managers deliver. (Read our blog on customer experience weak link trends).

Using our insight we will form an achievable plan of action (for Insight360 clients, and as a bolt-on for Essential clients), opening the door to immediate customer service improvement, and better employee engagement. We will help you resource any initiatives you don't have the time or expertise to deliver yourselves. Plus, we'll share best practice examples and benchmarks from the Investor in Customers community.

Here's what our clients say...

95% say we make everything as straightforward as possible.

92% agree we provide good on-going service and support, helping make sure their IIC assessment delivers measurable results.

95% of our clients recommend us. Here's why:

  • The credible, excellence of the insights
  • Ease and cost efficiency of the service
  • Strategic business benefits
  • The endorsement of the Investor in Customers Award

Practicing what we preach - IIC on IIC assessment

Through an independent consultant we regularly conduct an Investor in Customers assessment on ourselves! We were delighted that in our last assessment our customers deemed us worthy of an IIC Gold Award:

  • 95% of our customers stating we make everything as straightforward as possible.
  • 92% agreeing we provide a good on-going service and support, helping make sure their IIC assessment delivered measurable results.
  • 95% claiming they would recommend us to someone else due to:
    • The credible excellence of the insights
    • The ease and cost efficiency of the service
    • The strategic business benefits they experienced
    • The endorsement of the independent Investor in Customers Award

In addition:

  • 76% of our customers improve their service and IIC scores by their second assessment. With many reporting a double-digit increase in profits.
  • 73% have seen improvements in their customer loyalty, reducing expensive acquisitions costs and creating powerful advocates of their business.
  • 77% have used their IIC findings to build employee engagement – benefitting from the established link between motivated employees and happy customers.