The pandemic has changed many aspects of the working environment. In adapting to “the New Norm”, it has never been more important to understand what your two key stakeholders want from you.

Your customers’ needs may have changed dramatically in the last few months
but how do you know what they now want? 

Your employees may well be having to adjust to new and very different ways of working, 
 coming to terms with challenges they, and you, never thought they would have to face.  

How well is your business coping with these new demands and expectations?

The simple answer is contained in one word – ASK!

At Investor in Customers (IIC) we work with businesses - large and small - to help them to understand and meet the needs of both customers and employees. These critical insights help them to increase both customer and employee loyalty, which in turn drives improved profitability.

Now, in response to our clients demands, we have developed a new short, sharp assessment to enable you to
rapidly identify the changing needs of your customers and employees.

Is it for you?

  • You want to recognise how your customers' and employees' needs have changed and how you need to meet those needs in the future
  • You want to discover your current performance levels in customer experience, and employee engagement so you understand the size of the challenge ahead
  • You want to identify any gaps between what you need to do and what you actually do
  • You want immediate actionable insight to improve customer and employee experience to boost customer advocacy and retention, as well as employee engagement and motivation
  • You want independent evidence that your business is meeting the standards expected by your key stakeholders

What will you get?

  • A fully outsourced service to minimise disruption to your business at this critical time
  • We will gather vital customer and employee insights relating to what each group now needs from you
  • Providing an independent analysis of your key stakeholder's perceptions - with no hidden agendas and no hiding behind internal procedures or excuses
  • Summarising your key findings in a detailed report to highlight the strengths and weaknesses you need to focus on - enabling you to listen to the voice of your customers and employees to identify service improvements
  • Adding, if required, on-going support to help implement change and measure progress

SPECIAL OFFER - Available now

A single customer or employee assessment £1500 each

A combined customer and employee assessment £2500

All prices exclude VAT

Statistics from more than 14 years of Investor in Customers assessments are very revealing:

Over 70% of managers and staff rate the customer experience they provide higher than their customers do.

The majority of managers also believe their level of employee engagement is far higher than it actually is.

Don’t evade the question - identify what is really happening in your business now.

Assess - Analyse - Award