I won't name and shame but a certain delivery company needs to up its game! I have been waiting for an online order to be delivered. I had an text on the Friday to say that my order was out for delivery - no delivery received. I had the same text on the Saturday - agai...
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Pensions Playpen released a recent blog stating that; "The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer found that financial services is the least trusted major industry, with a score of 48% globally (technology is the highest at 79%). Trust in UK financial services is even lower than the g...
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Is this good customer service?

November 21, 2014
I have just bought a multi-car insurance policy for my daughters. I should then be able to view and print both of the insurance documents from the online portal – or so you would think! One car was there but not the other. It has taken 4 phone calls to get this addressed...
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How to publicise your award

August 12, 2014
How to publicise your award Once you have gone through the IIC process and achieved your award - shout it form the rooftops! Display your awards everywhere! Show your remarkable service everyday, not once a year with a press release. Show your remarkable service eve...
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