We've analysed hundreds of thousands of questionnaires, completed by staff and customers across a broad range of industries, from finance to waste management. And, time and time again, it's the same four questions are flagged as areas of concern: Does your business really...
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The simple answer is 'yes', of course. But why is that? Customer loyalty starts with committed and motivated employees, so it's important to keep them satisfied. Our assessments regularly raise this as an issue though, with employees scoring nearly one point (out of 10) ...
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Having happy employees is vital for any business. So it's important to regularly check-in and get feedback, no matter how big or small your company may be. Recently, we've been made aware of a large UK company that does just this…but via paper surveys, which need to be c...
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It is said that 81% of companies motivate employees to treat customers fairly. Whilst that may be true, to what aim? Just because they are said to be motivated does not translate into performing to top standards. Or even that those 'top' standards are necessarily customer ...
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