Lantern Achieves Gold for Customer Experience

Lantern Debt Recovery Services (trading as Lantern), has achieved an IIC Gold award. 

This is Lantern’s third IIC assessment – with scores steadily increasing from ‘Silver’ in 2017 and 2018, to Gold this year.

In a notoriously difficult industry in which to keep customers happy, there were many complimentary comments from their happy customers, when asked if they would be willing to recommend them, some of which included:

“As they are compassionate and understanding on one’s situation. I have a baby, so they lowered how much I needed to pay fortnightly and I thought that was extremely nice of them.”

“Because they don’t make you feel like a bad person for falling into a tricky financial situation. They make you feel comfortable, and they help you get on your feet with only what you can actually afford.”

“I answered the way I did, because throughout my time repaying Lantern, I was constantly asked on what was best for me, and what would work best for me. It was to always put my interests first, rather than theirs. I was also frequently asked on whether it was still affordable for me and I always felt if anything changed, it would be worked out. Even with being in debt, I felt comfortable. So, thank you.”

The results clearly showed through comment after comment, that the team at Lantern are empathetic; they listen; are understanding; are easy to talk to; are polite and fair.

Danny Pickering, Managing Director from Smile Customer Experience, who facilitated the assessment commented: “To achieve an IIC Gold award is special and is just reward for a business that is committed to year on year improvement of the experience it gives to its customers.  What is so pleasing is the number of customers that waived their anonymity and scored the business so highly. The Directors and staff have all contributed to this result. Lantern Debt Recovery are committed to improving their score further by noting carefully the insights that they have gained from this year’s assessment, and where necessary making further improvements in the delivery of their services. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them in 2020. Well done!"

Denise Crossley, CEO of Lantern added: “This remarkable achievement comes off the back of years’ of hard work by everyone here at Lantern, pushing ourselves to set the highest possible standards when it comes to caring for our customers.  In achieving the Gold standard for the first time, we increased our net promoter score (NPS) by an incredible 35% vs the previous Silver assessment – a testament to the favourable perception Lantern enjoys with our customers.  I’ve always believed that, even in the world of debt recovery…. and even when you’re dealing with the most vulnerable of customers, it’s still possible to build a successful business by being empathetic, honest and relatable.  I’m phenomenally proud of what we’re building at Lantern.  It’s something special that is starting to get the recognition I know our approach and people deserve”.