CX Reading List - May 2019

We're always on the look out for fresh thinking and new ideas in customer experience. Here's our hand-picked round-up of the best CX articles we have come across recently - reviewed, curated and delivered to your inbox.

Do You Know What I'm Thinking? AI Doesn't Yet!
Customer Think
It’s not an either/or choice. You need unstructured data analytics and you need surveys to truly understand customer experiences.

5 Ways Analytics Can Improve Your Digital Customer Experience
Freshdesk Blog
Did you know it takes just 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website? That’s why your website needs to be thoroughly engaging from top to bottom. 

The Digital Engagement Continuum
Customer Think
As digital customer experiences continue to evolve, so too should the ways in which marketing engages customers. 

Don't Confuse Digital Transformation with Customer Experience
CMS Wire
Many organisations think that if they invest enough in their digital transformations — presto! — customer loyalty will follow. Digital transformation does not equal customer loyalty. 

The customers who need your personal help most
Customer Experience Insight
Too many organisations steer all customers toward self-service and away from the calming voices and reassuring words of customer service professionals.

Combine Automation With Human Interaction For A Better Customer Experience
Automation can be additive, but the value of human interaction should not be underestimated.

Don't forget the human touch in industry
Seamless customer experiences that balance technology with human touch.

Successful Customer Experience: 3 Critical Things CX Leaders Get Right
Business 2 Community
Every customer experience leader today is exceptionally good at focusing on three high-level areas of strategic focus: customer centricity, operational excellence and digital transformation. 

Top CMOs focus on customer experience and storytelling to drive growth
Consultancy UK
Prioritising customer experience was found to deliver an 11% improvement on shareholder returns.

Customer Experience - the Driving Force for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
Customer experience can change the fortunes of a company - take lessons from three of the most famous entrepreneurs.

Social Media: Brands Must not Underestimate Customer Connection
It’s important to remember that social media is as much as a customer service channel as it is a sales channel.

Customers Are More Willing To Share Positive Experiences Than Negative Ones
People are more willing to share positive experiences than negative experiences on social media.