Lantern Debt Recovery Services gain an IIC Silver Award

Lantern, a market leader in debt purchase and recoveries have achieved our Silver Award having gone through our assessment process.

Lantern, who were first assessed last year, gained an IIC Silver in 2017 and are delighted to have maintained that standard. What was particularly pleasing was the increase in scores across the board. Both customer and staff scores have improved, along with all 4 IIC Principles.  

Comments from customers included:

“They listened when I called to speak to them and no pressure was applied to me when I explained my circumstances”

“Being in debt is extremely stressful, Lantern has taken that stress away from me. That has made a huge difference to my life.”

“They were efficient and agreeable to what I could offer to pay my debt and did not make me feel they were judging me."

“My experience with Lantern has been very positive all staff are understanding, polite and explain in detail my options I cannot recommend them enough, it like they genuinely want the best and most affordable solution for you personally which makes the whole process for me personally a very easy and pleasant one!”

We conduct rigorous benchmarking exercises.  These exercises determine the quality of customer service and relationships across several dimensions, including how well a company understands its customers, how it meets their needs and how it engenders loyalty. We also compare the views of employees and senior management to identify how embedded the customer is within the company’s thinking.

Danny Pickering, Director of Smile Customer Experience, who facilitated the assessment on behalf of IIC commented: From the outset the CEO, Directors, Management and Staff at Lantern have been fully engaged in the IIC process. They have made a companywide commitment to continuous improvement of their customers experience This result is reward for the effort and time they have employed in this area. All at Lantern are fully committed to implementing further changes and improvements resulting from the valuable insights and feedback received from customers and staff from the IIC assessment. We are very much looking forward to continuing our close relationship with Lantern."

Denise Crossley, CEO of Lantern, added: This is such a fantastic achievement and testament to our culture throughout the business, top down to bottom up, in ensuring a great customer journey despite the difficult circumstances our customers may find themselves in.  The Lantern team are to be applauded!  Our IIC project for 2019 has already been labelled ‘Going For Gold’!