Intrum secures gold for fifth year

We have recently awarded credit management firm Intrum UK our gold standard for ‘exceptional’ customer experience for the fifth consecutive year. 

Our ratings are based on a survey of Intrum’s customers, employees and management - assessing how well the business understands its customer needs and delivers services to meet them. The result puts Intrum UK in the top 3 per cent of overall scores for all our clients, across all industries.

Intrum achieved an overall score of 8.99 out of 10, up from 8.86 in 2017. Furthermore, it obtained an industry-leading net promoter score of +62% (up from +43% in 2017).

The results also highlighted that the company’s employees are highly motivated and engaged, taking great pride in delivering customer experience that is tailored to individuals.

One Intrum UK customer said: “I have always found this company to be helpful, unlike others I have dealt with who don’t seem to care even when you try very hard to solve your financial issues. This company go above and beyond and make things simple for you to get back on track and out of debt”.

Another added: “Intrum helped me a lot in understanding my problems. They listened and put me in the right direction. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.”

Chris Collins, UK HR and Customer Experience Director, said: “It is hugely gratifying to know that the efforts of our employees make such a profound difference to customers. It is vital that we continually evaluate and maintain a strong culture of engaging with customers in the right way.”

UK Managing Director Eddie Nott added: “We are delighted to be awarded the gold standard by IIC for the fifth year running. I am immensely proud of the effort and diligence demonstrated by the Intrum UK team, all of whom are dedicated to helping customers in debt.”

Sandy Bryson, Director, Investor in Customers, said: “Intrum UK has achieved yet another exceptional score in this year’s assessment, making it 5 “Gold” assessments in a row. No other IIC client has ever achieved such success consecutively, where the first assessment was gold.

“Intrum’s overall score has increased year on year, which is testament to their hard work implementing the learning points and insights from the previous year’s assessment, and their ongoing passion for continuous improvement in their staff and customer experience.”