Best companies to work for 2018. Are you one of them?

The Sunday Times recently released their annual list of the '100 Best Companies To Work For'. Over 260,000 employees determine the rankings each year, by giving feedback on a multitude of factors. The outcome separates the good employers from everyone else, across a variety of industries. So, whether the end product is making a difference to society or a dividend for shareholders, the resulting list is the organisations who are going the extra mile to make their workplace a thriving environment.

Investor in Customers are pleased to see some of our clients recognised in this years’ Sunday Times list. How can you ensure you are featured next year?

Are your employees happy?

How do you know unless you ask them - and how can you pinpoint any issues without deep and detailed insight?  

An IIC assessment gathers feedback from employees, managers and customers to ensure we gain a 360 degree perspective on a business and the experience it delivers. By comparing the insight from different parts of an organisation and segments of customers, we can really get to the root of any underlying problems. We also shine a spotlight on any strengths in pockets of the organisation that can be capitalised on further.

Typically, we find a happy team means happy customers which translates to loyalty and profitability. And our findings and action plans allow clients to deepen their employee engagement even further – with 77% of clients improving employee engagement by their second IIC assessment.

Find out how happy your employees are and how that can help drive your business forward. Contact us today.