Customer service trends: how does your business compare?

In 2017, Investor in Customers questioned over 43,000 of our clients’ customers, gathering more feedback than ever before. This resulted in the number of businesses we accredited increasing by 20%, with a record number of IIC Gold Awards being achieved - a strong indicator of improvement year on year for the customer experience standard in the UK.

12 years assessing CX weak spots and strengths

Our unique assessment methodology means we get feedback from our clients' customers, employees and managers, split down into different specific business areas and customer segments. This allows us to understand how different parts of the organisation are working and what different types of customers think.

We find over 70% of managers and employees rate the CX they deliver higher than their customers do. Senior managers usually give the highest rating of all.

But the positive story over the last 12 years is the trend for assessment scores to increase, proving that businesses are putting customers at the heart of their strategy more often, and that with our help, our clients are getting better and better at delivering CX excellence. 

The IIC assessment is built around four principles of customer experience, which are divided into 16 themes. The ability to excel in the principle 'Delight Customers', has been a consistent and growing strength with clients over the past decade. Recognising the fact clients usually treat customers fairly, that they regard the customer as always being right, and they deliver an increasingly great post-sales service. However, as you can see from the charts below, the weakest principle is often 'Understanding Customer Needs', showing that many businesses can often do more to know and interpret their customers' requirements.

Drilling down, we find 'Product Quality' to be the highest performing theme over the last 12 years, whilst 'Anticipate Needs' (which falls into the principle category of 'Understanding Customer Needs') we find to be the weakest theme in 2017. Indicating that businesses still often fall short in delivering 'needs-led' services and communications.

Good customer service is no longer enough

How would your business perform against these trends? Do you really understand your customers and build your strategy and service delivery against their needs and expectations? In an ever competitive world, even excellence can be improved upon. In 2018, Investor in Customers will continue to help our clients – existing and new - to harness the power of insight to build on their strengths and address their weak spots.

If you want to see how your business compares and find out how you can attract and retain more business, increase employee engagement and boost profitability, talk to us now.