T H March achieve IIC Gold Award for their 2018 assessment

UK Jewellery & Allied Trades specialist insurance brokers, T H March started this year with the news that the company had earned an ‘exceptional’ IIC Gold Award rating for the second consecutive year, from leading independent customer experience agency, Investor in Customers (IIC).

The detailed analysis carried out by IIC focuses on customer experience by measuring excellence in the field of customer service by using direct customer feedback. It is a process that provides highly valuable insights for organisations that are willing to open themselves up to scrutiny.

T H March’s Managing Director, Neil McFarlane explains: “We are always keen to know what our customers and staff really think so that we can continue to improve on what we do. Three years ago we decided to take a deep breath and let a third party (IIC) talk directly to our customers. We definitely learned lessons from the experience and have since been able to refine our offering because of it. First time around we were awarded two stars (now known as the IIC Silver Award) which was good but of course we wanted the top rating. Second time we achieved three stars (now known as the IIC Gold Award) and we were thrilled to have maintained the top spot with the 2018 IIC Gold Award again – third time lucky!”

Tony Barritt, Managing Director at Investor in Customers, commented "T H March have made tremendous progress since their first Investor in Customers (IIC) assessment in 2014. The initiatives they have put in place since then have helped improve the customer experience provided across all areas of the business, and helped to successfully align external and internal processes. They fully deserve their Gold IIC Award and we look forward to helping them improve even further in the coming years."