Royal London accredited with our prestigious IIC Gold Award for customer service

Royal London, the largest mutual life, pensions and investment company in the UK, has received the highest accreditation from us for outstanding customer experience for a second year running.

Our IIC Gold Award recognises businesses with exceptional customer service. Royal London was praised for continually exceeding expectations in delivering great customer experience, with customers’ interest remaining at the heart of the business. Our assessment also recognised that trust is a cornerstone of the Royal London culture and that it goes hand in hand with their mutuality.

In-depth interviews within Royal London across a number of customer and non-customer facing departments and roles were carried out by us. We saw a strong link between Royal London viewing its customers as stakeholders and the business improving its processes to increase customer value.

Commenting on the IIC Award, Phil Loney, CEO of Royal London said: “We are incredibly proud of the culture we have at Royal London, and this accolade from IIC is a fantastic recognition of the trust and loyalty of colleagues and customers alike. Teams across the business have worked hard to ensure that customers get a high standard of service from us and this IIC Gold Award is a testament to their efforts."

Tony Barritt, IIC Managing Director, commented: “This is our second year working with Royal London. Our initial impressions of a company that provides a high quality, consistent and effective customer experience at all levels of the business has been strengthened.  Yet, despite being exceptional, in IIC terms, they continually seek ways to become even better, so our impressions this year are not only of a company that delivers a great experience at the frontline, but also one that has successfully embedded customer centricity throughout the firm. Employees are highly engaged with the business and understand their role in either delivering an exceptional customer experience themselves or supporting others that do. We are delighted they have achieved our IIC Gold Award for 2017.”