Investor in Customers Gold Award where you might least expect it: Lowell Financial prove you can always deliver great CX, no matter what the nature of your business.

Investor in Customers has worked with Lowell Financial for five years. They are a leading credit management company specialising in helping customers repay their debts and improve their credit rating. It is a difficult business to be in, where their customer relationships are ‘bought’ from clients, rather and coming through customer choice.

That said, their assessment results demonstrate clearly that good customer experience works across all types of industry and every organisation can reap the rewards of treating customers fairly. 

Carol Ord, Head of Internal Communications explained that they chose Investor in Customers so that they could understand their customers better – including finding out what they like about the business and what they would like to see changed. In her words ‘it’s delivered that, and so much more!’.

So, what is the ‘more’?

Given the nature of their business, proving they care has always been a greater challenge than would face most companies. Since those on the receiving end of their services will always likely be wary, possibly anxious, Investor in Customers has been a key independent source of reassurance and validation, proving to all their customers, colleagues and clients that they are ethical and trustworthy.

IIC provides an industry-recognised, impartial voice, where respondents can be honest, and the robust research methods mean that the insight and findings are accurate and provide real opportunity for positive change.

Recognising the benefit of regular reviews in identifying key priorities for customers, Lowell have used the feedback they have received to help shape key projects such as website development and letter re-writes. They have successfully demonstrated that they do listen and act on feedback. Their customers admitted through IIC that they were put off contacting Lowell because of negative perceptions of the debt industry, and said that 'they would have contacted them sooner if they’d have known how good Lowell would be to deal with.’ In response, Lowell have been looking at the various ways that they can help further manage their customer expectations, and to help them know that it is genuinely ok to pick up the phone.

As part of this they’ve been sharing direct quotes from Investor in Customers and making their messages simpler for customers – for example, rather than just share their net promoter score they talk about the fact that 7.5/10 customers would recommend Lowell to their friends and family. Proving that it doesn’t matter what stigmas may be attached to your industry or service-offering – you can still go the extra mile to prove to your customers that you care, and be rewarded with loyalty and promotion.

They tell us that IIC has driven significant value in their business - both in terms of tangible changes, and increased goodwill and advocacy.

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