The importance of employee engagement on customer experience

Hot on the heels of the Employee Benefits Live exhibition last week, we ask ‘how important is employee engagement when it comes to your customer experience?’

The answer is a great deal.

This might seem rather obvious, clearly a happy employee, is more likely to get a positive response from a customer than a grumpy one. But your teams are also the closest people to your customers – they are your brand ambassadors and they know the needs, frustrations and gripes of your target audience better than you as senior managers will.

Investor in Customers (IIC) have been assessing businesses for more than a decade, and our data shows that senior managers usually give the highest rating when assessing the customer experience (CX) their business delivers. Whereas employees tend to score their CX closer to the true customer perception. Revealingly, scores from management across the board are higher than employees when it comes to believing they treat customers fairly.

A simple employee feedback programme isn’t enough – it might tell you how happy and fulfilled your teams are, but not their perspective on your customer experience delivery. Are employees empowered to solve customer problems and share customer experiences? Do all your customers get consistent treatment? Do employees understand your customer charter and regulatory requirements? These are the kind of questions that an IIC assessment answers.

All our surveys are confidential and anonymous – giving your customers, employees and managers a safe environment to be honest and open in their feedback. Our unique methodology of listening to multiple audiences inside and outside of your organisation, gives depth and dimension to the resulting IIC assessment findings, helping to pinpoint opportunities to address weak spots and further enhance strengths. But also improve employee engagement in the process.

If you can get the customer experience right, your customers will not only stay customers, but they will spend more and they will tell their friends and colleagues, who will then become new customers. Plus, your employees will enjoy their jobs more, and will be much more likely to stay with you as well as recommending you as a great place to work.

8/10 clients ask us to repeat annual IIC assessments, proving how valuable a tool we provide for ongoing business improvement and profitability.

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