My hero of the week

This makes a change from my usually ‘ranting’ blogs! I have a positive story for you for a change!

On Sunday evening my daughter called in a blind panic, she’d broken down. Understandably she was freaking. Hubby and I leapt in the car and went to find her.

When we realised we couldn’t do anything, we called our breakdown cover. Never having had to do this before, I made the call with some trepidation.

The call was answered within a couple of rings, the lady I spoke to efficient, empathetic and understanding. She told me the breakdown unit would be with us within 60 minutes.

Within moments of putting the phone down, I had a text to confirm these details and with the name of the local breakdown cover.

Within 8 minutes of that text, I had a call from the breakdown company to say they would be 5 minutes. They duly turned up, towed us to their garage, completed the fix and we were on our way.

The communication was spot on, they were easy to do business with and their customer experience excellent. All key components of a successful Investor in Customers award.

Would I recommend – undoubtedly!