Easy to do business with? They've got a way to go!

I’m beginning to think my blogs have a common theme – me ranting! That said, as customer experience is what I do, I feel highlighting the bad (and the good if I ever get it) are important.

So today I lost a number of work hours that I will never get back whilst trying to deal with an Amazon return.

I bought a poster frame which was delivered with a giant cut through the Perspex, rendering it useless. I went on line to see if I could find a contact the seller button – nope, nothing there. You could, however complete a return and replacement option – brilliant, simple… or so I thought.

The returns note said they would refund you £4.75 for the postage once the item was received back. Trouble is on taking it to the Post Office it was going to cost me £12.98 – bit of a difference. It also said you could use alternative suppliers, but because it was going back to Amazon themselves no one would deliver there.

Now, as Amazon now have their own delivery service you would think there would be an option for them to collect – nope! They are relying on everyone else!

So, I searched high and low for a customer service contact. I finally found it, it’s so well hidden it’s not true!

In all fairness, they have responded quickly and have promised me a full refund of the postage.

The point is that it really shouldn’t be that difficult. Easy to do business with is one of the key criteria in obtaining an Investor in Customers award and is a crucial part of any customer centric business.

What really did make me chuckle though was at the bottom of the email reply I was sent it said: “Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.”
I think they have a way to go!