• New accreditationlevels launched for Investor in Customers Awards (IIC).
  • 250 businesseshave already been recognised for customer experience with an IIC Award.
  • Customers are 5x more likely to buy from a company deliveringgreat customer experience.
  • 76% of IIC clients improvetheir service and scores by their second IIC assessment.
  • 73% have seen improvement intheir customers' loyalty.
  • 77% have used their IICfindings to build employee engagement.
  • Many report adouble-digit increase in profits.

Investor in Customers, the independent customer experience agency, have launched their new accreditation levels. Now when a company reaches the Investor in Customers standard for delivering customer experience, they'll be accredited with an IIC Bronze Award, an IIC Silver Award or even the exceptional IIC Gold Award – the highest accolade - to promote the ultimate trust and reassurance in a brand. These replace the previous 1, 2 and 3-star accreditation levels.

The rework of the IIC Awards makes the timing of the achievement and accreditation levels more meaningful, powerful and clear for consumers and business to business customers.

There is no change to the scoring system that determines the level of achievement measured through the IIC assessment process.

Tony Barritt, Managing Director of Investor in Customers, explains: "As well-known descriptors of success, Gold, Silver and Bronze have clear performance associations that are easy to understand. I'm excited that the new IIC Awards will therefore be more powerful as endorsements of achievement for our clients."

He continues: "In the age of the customer, a brand's reputation is built on developing trust, treating customers fairly, anticipating their needs and being easy to do business with. Our research shows customers are five times more likely to buy from a company that delivers great customer experience. And these new IIC Awards will help our clients promote their CX credentials in an even more compelling way."

The first client receiving an IIC Gold Award is Lowell Financial, the UK debt purchasing business. Group Chief Executive, James Cornell, said: "We are delighted to be the first company to be awarded the highest level 'IIC Gold Award'. This acknowledgement reaffirms our commitment to our FAIR approach and achieving the right outcomes for our customers. The fact that customer feedback plays such as major role in the scoring is tangible evidence of our customer centric approach and the dedication of our colleagues of whom I am very proud."