Four steps to Customer Experience success

Four steps to success

We like to ask our clients what they do to ensure quality service for all their customers. Here's one client's recipe for success.

Encourage staff to take responsibility

From start to finish, you want your customers to feel valued. So if a problem arises, it's vital for employees to own the problem, and to see it through to a conclusion; don't pass the customer from pillar to post because it's "not your problem".

Manage customer expectations

It's important to be realistic about what you can offer your customers and in what timescale. Exaggerating or leading customers on may make you look good initially, but you're only setting yourself up for failure.

Think outside the box

It's important for us to create an environment where employees aren't restricted by rigorous systems and procedures. No two customer service issues identical, after all.

Put yourself in the customer's shoes

It'll help you anticipate needs before they become problems.