Hero of the week

Our hero of the week goes to one of the staff at Holiday Inn Express in Edinburgh this week.

My MD left his luggage with reception whilst he attended a business meeting in the city in the morning. He came back to the hotel to do some work before his next meeting.

The receptionist who had helped him earlier that morning was just leaving the hotel after her shift. She was half way outside the door when she heard him on the phone booking a taxi, came back in and ensured that he hadn't forgotten his luggage.

This is only a small touch, but he was genuinely impressed that she had gone out of the way to ensure that he didn't forget.

You can't train good customer service like that. That skillset, the genuine empathy and care are skills that you have inside you.

One of our customers, when they recruit for customer service telehandlers, don't recruit experienced personnel – they prefer to go for people with a strong customer service ethic and skillset. Just as an aside – they are one of our 3-star company's.

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