Employee engagement - do we really need to measure it?

The simple answer is 'yes', of course. But why is that?

Customer loyalty starts with committed and motivated employees, so it's important to keep them satisfied.

Our assessments regularly raise this as an issue though, with employees scoring nearly one point (out of 10) lower on the employee recognition questions than on any other.

Time and time again we'll see responses along the lines of "great team of people to work with, but we get no appreciation from management".

It results in an array of issues for the company. Staff don't feel motivated to fix problems; they're either not equipped to, or they simply can't be bothered to try.

These are symptoms of a business that is not customer-centric, and management should be seriously concerned about the impact it has on the business.

In most cases though, management are unaware of the issue. And without our assessment, they could still be none-the-wiser, with the issues spiralling from bad to worse.

So the message is clear; if you don't measure employee engagement, how can you be sure staff are happy and motivated?

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