Five facts about the Investor in Customers (IIC) assessment

So you're thinking about starting the Investor in Customers journey to evaluate what your customer service is really like. But what does it involve and, crucially, does it work?

  1. Our assessment model is based on detailed academic research and case studies. An independent audit and validation has been carried out on the sampling and measurement systems we use, so we know the statistical basis of the model is sound and reliable.

  2. We give prominence to the views of the two groups that are critically involved in your business' customer experience on a day-to-day basis; your customers and your employees. Management views and our own perception are considered, but aren't given a key focus.

  3. All surveys are confidential and anonymous, giving your customers and staff a safe environment to be honest and open in their responses. At the end of the survey, however, there is an option for them to waive their anonymity so your business can address any concerns you have. We tend to find approximately 30% do this.

  4. The Investor in Customers Award has three levels on a star basis (subject to meeting the minimum criteria), with three stars being the top tier. It's a great way to demonstrate the quality of your customer service clearly to both external and internal audiences.

  5. We will provide tailored benchmark data according to your requirements, as well as looking at those with similar business models. This will highlight your business' specific strengths and weaknesses, helping you grow.