Be easy to do business with - 4 key steps

Today there's more competition for every business, no matter what sector, than ever before. So the importance of standing out has never been higher.

The best way to do that? Exceptional customer service.

Being easy to do business with is one of the criteria that Investor in Customers assesses you on. We ask not only your customers, but also your staff this question, because who knows your customer service style better than the people that deliver it?

We took a close look at one of our under-performing clients - by the customer's standards, not the staff - to see where they were going wrong. And from that, we've created our top 4 tips on ensuring you're easy to do business with.

1) Address issues fast
Any questions or queries should be resolved quickly and efficiently. Within 48 hours at the most, but preferably on the same day.

2) Offer communication options that suit your customers
Emails and social media may be easy ways for your customers to initially get in touch, but it's far easier to resolve any issues over the phone. So make sure they're manned during working hours.

3) Take the lead
Be proactive. Go to the customer; don't wait for them to come to you. Offer cost-effective solutions and in-demand services.

4) Deliver excellence every time
Focus on getting the basics right. Don't over-complicate things - it'll only confuse both you and your customers. And ensure all staff are fully trained with your systems - you'd be surprised how often this comes up!

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