All staff should have customer service training. Yes, even the big boss.

Delivering a standout customer experience is down to everyone, not just your customer service department. From sales to management, even the work experience kid, everyone has a role to play.

That's because a customer's experience starts from the first time you have contact with them, whether they come to you or you approach them. And it doesn't stop when the sale or service is done; the experience lasts much longer.

It's only logical then that all staff should be given customer service training. It should be integrated into your company's ethos and be at the core of what you do.

There's more to customer service than just a script. In fact, the more flexible you can be, the better; your staff aren't robots, and they often have to help with complex, individual problems that don't necessarily have a standard answer. You customers will appreciate your efforts.

It isn't just customer-facing staff that impact customer experience. The service behind the scenes, from packaging to attention to detail, plays a big part. So it's vital that all staff know that what they do will impact how the customer sees their business.

Ideally, when new team members join, you should allocate them a day or two to shadow the customer service department. They'll see first-hand how their role will affect the overall customer experience.

Of course, your staff need to be motivated too; they have to want to deliver excellent customer service. Consider an incentive scheme based on customer feedback, which you can score through a survey like the Investor in Customers assessment, or through transactional feedback like Net Promoter®.

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