Poor Customer service from Tesco

Just had the worst customer service from Tesco.

My daughter ordered something from click and collect. It was supposed to have been delivered a couple of days ago, but she had no email or confirmation to say it had arrived in store.

We went into the store yesterday to enquire and was told it definitely hadn't been received. She went back online and reported it to customer services who said because it was from an external supplier, she needed to contact them.

She had an email, from the supplier, just now to say it had been delivered to the store yesterday. Going back into Tesco, she was told that one part of the delivery (it was in two boxes) had been refused by her the customer! When we said this wasn't possible and showed them the email from the supplier, they asked if we could leave it with them for 5 minutes.

We came back to the shop after a good 15 minutes and they said that as part of the delivery had been refused it was now in the returns process and did we want a refund! Er, no! The store has the goods that we had ordered and paid for.

She then started off by saying that was the only option, which we refuted.

Even more confusing was that the refund she offered was a part refund, we could take the one box that had been accepted but not the other – bearing in mind that it was only available on sale as 1 item this was even more confusing!

We were then left standing in the shop for over 25 minutes, without being acknowledged.

Losing patience and getting more annoyed by the second, we asked another member of staff to find out what was happening, she huffily said that they were on to the help desk and very begrudgingly went out back to find someone.

They finally appeared with the goods and just a 'sorry about that!'

Whilst I know there are procedures to follow – the customer was made to suffer here. The store should have taken ownership and:

·Asked if we were local and taken a phone number to call us when the problem was resolved

·Given some indication of what was happening

·Given the customer the goods that they had paid for and sorted out the internal problems afterwards.

Come on Tesco sort yourselves out!