Great Customer Care and Happy Staff Earns “Exceptional” 3 Star Rating for 130 Year Old Company

Chartered Insurance Broker T H March will be able to celebrate its 130th anniversary with extra gusto later this year having been awarded an 'Exceptional' 3 star rating by independent customer service assessor; Investor in Customers (IIC).

IIC conducts research and investigation into how well companies treat customers and staff.

The highly detailed analysis carried out and the valuable insights gained by bravely allowing an independent third party to talk to customers and staff (at all levels) helps companies like T H March continue to improve on what they do.

In order to achieve the 'Exceptional' 3 Star rating a company must: "Consistently meet the standards laid down in all aspects (of the survey), to a high level with an average score of 8 or above".

Only 17% of the companies assessed by IIC since it was founded 10 years ago have ever managed to gain 3 stars.

T H March's Managing Director, Neil McFarlane said:
"This is great news for us and I would personally like to thank all the customers who took time to participate in surveys and interviews when they were approached by Investor in Customers".
He added: "Our ethos here is that we all have an integral part to play in the success of T H March and we are fortunate to employ people who take immense pride in what they do and work diligently to provide fantastic customer care.
"As a family company we have a track record of 'growing our own talent' and so employees at all levels receive excellent ongoing training that helps them become qualified, knowledgeable people our customers can put their trust in".

McFarlane said it is a source of pride to him that employees tend to stay with T H March for a long time, many for their entire careers! He remarked: "…That level of experience is like gold dust."

A rather fitting comment in the context that T H March was originally founded specifically to service the (then) largely uninsured UK jewellery trade.

Since 1887 the company has grown and diversified but insurance for jewellers and jewellery is still (and always will be) at its beating heart.

Below are just some of the responses given to Investor in Customers by T H March clients.

"Responds to enquiries efficiently, clearly customer focussed with a 'can do' attitude."
"A brilliant company to deal with".
"A good range of products, good price and very helpful".
"Friendly staff and good prices".
"Staff are quick to appreciate client need and source appropriate insurance".
"I have always found T H March to be very helpful, and correspondence is dealt with promptly".
"I have always had the best people I could have had to deal with my needs and find all the staff friendly, polite, courteous and very helpful. Plus you speak to real people not machines whenever you telephone".
"I insured some jewellery I had inherited and the staff on the phone were really helpful and kind."
"I think for the specialist needs of a customer of T H March, the company do excellent work. From our initial referral through to our renewals, staff, website and all associated communication have all been excellent".
"Staff and customer service support are friendly and go above and beyond to help needs of customers and to get it done quick as possible."
"Staff I dealt with were friendly and efficient. Process to take out a policy was easy and straightforward. TH March offers a policy that was not available from a local Insurance company and competitively priced."
"The staff are always exceptionally polite & helpful. I really feel they believe in the good service they are providing."
"Staff are knowledgeable and my attention has been drawn to items and conditions I may not have noticed."

Tony Barritt, Managing Director of Investor in Customers said: "We have been working with TH March for three years and they are really embracing the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience. We congratulate them on successfully implementing a number of changes within their business to ensure that their customers recognise that, at all times, TH March has their best interests at the heart of the organisation."