Investor in Customers practice what they preach

Investor in Customers (IIC), the UK's leading customer experience assessment and accreditation service, ran the assessment on themselves in December 2016, via an independent marketing consultant who could then independently verify the results.

The results saw them achieve a three-star 'Exceptional' award up from a two-star on their last assessment. The total average score was 8.43 out of 10 – up from 7.79 in their last self-assessment, showing the success of their focus in the last couple of years to better understand the specific circumstances and needs of individual clients, and help them better utilise report findings to enhance their business performance.

Comments gained from customers during the assessment included: "great service and knowledgeable team"; "We felt that they were thorough and engaged throughout the process and the after service has been impressive" and "What sets Investor in Customers apart is the people. They know our business. They challenge our results and strategies."

Investor in Customers is an independent agency who conduct rigorous customer experience assessments and benchmarking exercises. The results determine the quality of a client's customer service and relationships across a number of dimensions, including how well a company understands its customers, how it meets their needs and how it engenders loyalty.IIC also compares and contrasts the views of staff and senior management to identify how embedded the customer is within the company's thinking.

In the survey for this latest self-assessment, IIC asked their clients how they had used their own IIC survey findings to benefit their business. The top stated uses were: to develop business strategy, to build employee engagement, and to create content for customer communications. Some clients stated that company culture can be a barrier to using IIC survey findings more deeply - showing there is still some way to go for the importance of customer centricity to truly be understood throughout organisations.

Tony Barritt, Managing Director of Investor in Customers commented: "We are thrilled to have achieved a 75% NPS score in this latest self-assessment – a score up there with the great customer focused brands of our time. I'm proud of my team for delivering a remarkable year, and the integrity and quality with which they have done it, and thank our clients for their ongoing loyalty and business."

Vicky Hales, the independent marketing consultant who oversaw the project, commented: "These results really do show Investor in Customers practice what they preach: caring about their clients, listening to previous feedback and making their service better as a result, and yet still seeking continuous improvement to meet the latest needs and challenges of their clients."

"The only way to stay successful in the modern business environment is to listen to your customers' experience and act on it, year after year, so you not only retain them but create powerful advocates of your service in today's customer review led society. I'm confident the team at Investor in Customers will use these latest insights to continue to delight their clients for many years to come, creating more and more promoters of their brand and services in the future."