Customer Service is more crucial than ever

Customer Service is more crucial than ever in this chaotic, modern market place. The changing economy and business conditions have caused a new mind-set where the customer is equally, if not more important than product and price.

If you google Customer Experience it brings up about 56.9m results, google Customer Service at it comes up with a staggering 820m results.

Ignore it at your peril!

There is a strong correlation between a company that delivers an exceptional customer experience and an improved financial performance, as some of our clients will attest to.

Latest figures state that a 5% increase in customer retention boosts a company's profits by between 25-95% (Bain & Co). That's certainly not to be sneezed at!

Many businesses are now creating a whole department around Customer Service, whereas historically it was 'sort of' managed by HR or perhaps Marketing. More and more vacancies are appearing for Head of Customer Experience, Customer Service Directors and the like as companies are realising the true importance and value of the Customer Experience as a whole.

Measuring said Customer Experience is key. Measuring with an independent, external verification is even more important. Many companies who keep their feedback in-house run the risk of their customers (or potential customers) saying 'well you would say that'.

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