Motivating employees to treat customers fairly

It is said that 81% of companies motivate employees to treat customers fairly.

Whilst that may be true, to what aim? Just because they are said to be motivated does not translate into performing to top standards. Or even that those 'top' standards are necessarily customer focused.

Keeping staff motivated is however definitely key to delivering remarkable service and results in our database prove this, with some of the highest scores coming from companies who do invest in staff engagement. These are some of the measures that our customers have put in place.

·Empower your staff –allow them to make decisions when serving the customer (within reason of course)

·Carry out regular staff training

·Encourage network groups and allow your staff to voice suggestions/improvements and concerns

·Hold an internal awards culture for praise

·Ensure staff are kept regularly updated with internal communication about the business

Working with Investor in Customers will highlight the differences between what the staff think they do and what they customers say they do. Which can be a vast difference.