Don’t overcomplicate customer service

Recently I've been looking through lots of reports and papers on customer service and experience in general, through a wide range of industries. But one thing's the same with them all; they use a lot of high talk and my eyes tend to glaze over.

Let's makes this simple - don't overcomplicate customer service.

What are the first steps you need to put in place to change things within your business? What do you need to do to start on the journey to turn your business into one which excels in, not only customer service but customer experience (there is a difference), customer retention, and customer engagement (and thereby increase your profits)?

Get buy in from the Senior Management/Board.

Measure your customers – what do your customers truly think of you

Measure your staff – what do your staff think of your company

external and independent verification – Yes you can do a lot internally, but then your customers can turn around and say 'well you would say that'.

Close the loop – Probably most important of all, don't just ask your customers, go back to them after they have given you their feedback.

To find out how you can deliver excellent customer service in a less complex manner, get in touch and we can come and see you to discuss in greater detail.