Does your business offer customers a consistent experience?

From the very first contact with a company, customers begin to form the perception of the customer experience.

You may well have done a good job at creating a positive first impression - but what happens next? What is the experience after the sale is made?
It's not a case of job done, sale in, invoice issued, next customer.

You need to constantly delight all your customers, old and new. This means you shouldn't focus on it solely through the sales process, but through the whole customer journey – every touchpoint. So they know that your organisation is committed to meeting their needs each and every time.

If you fail to deliver after that favourable first impression, your customer may come away thinking that all you wanted was to "take their money and run".

It's a common frustration expressed by customers in assessments run by Investor in Customers (IIC), and may explain why the Loyalty scores are lower in most assessments we carry out.

The overall Loyalty across all sectors and scores from our extensive IIC bank of results is 7.52. However, for top performing IIC 3-star companies, the score rises to 8.40.

Consistency of experience is something that the top companies seem to be dealing with, and all companies need to take up the challenge of delivering a consistent customer experience across all the critical touch points that apply in the business.

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