The legal sector and customer service

The legal sector isn't measuring their customer service as well as it should be. At least, that was the opinion of one legal firm's CEOs at one of our recent customer network events.

And hers isn't the only one.

Earlier this year, an article reported that only 39% of legal firms collect customer feedback, saying: "law firms are exhibiting a 'disturbing level of tunnel vision' when it comes to adopting modern customer service standards."

What's more, 60% of those that do collect feedback do not do it regularly.

We mentioned this to one of our legal clients recently, who recognised the importance of delivering exceptional client service. "It's at the heart of our strategy," they said. "Customer feedback allows us to understand what we're doing well and what we could be better at."
This feedback is collected regularly, via Investor in Customers, to help the firm continue to improve the service they offer.
"Being benchmarked against other sectors is a truly valuable measure for us."

To stand out from your competitors and measure your customer service, gaining an award which you can use to prove to your clients that you do listen to the voice of the customer, get in touch.