How did they get themselves in such a pickle?

It amazes me that a company as huge as Vodafone have managed to get themselves in such a pickle!

The billing glitch was one thing, but to have your staff – your customer facing staff – with no clue on the basics of customer service completely baffles me.

How is it possible that your staff were not given 'sufficiently clear guidance' on 'what constitutes a customer complaint'!?

Now, if I were one of the customers that was affected, I would think that my ranting and raving that you had taken my money and not supplied me with the credit, would give you some clue!

The fact also, that the complaints were not handled in a timely manner emphasises how dreadful their customer contact is.

They have now, apparently, invested in staff training – better late than never I guess!

Maybe it's time they worked with us at IIC in order to get a full picture of what both their staff and customers think to enable them to move forward in a more efficient manner.