Nice touch from Santander

What a nice touch from Santander!

My daughter's friend & partner have just moved into their first home and received this hamper package as a welcome.

Bit of a difference last year to my bank, (who we have banked with for nearly 20 years) when we tried to move our 'portable' mortgage when we moved home. Despite the fact we have never had any problem, instead of just a simple change of address with a few questions, they went through every direct debit with me - e.g. my gym membership/magazine subscription.." if you were facing financial difficulty do you think you would cancel these?" Well, let me think.... Really! I came off the phone really annoyed and agitated. If it wasn't for the fact that it would be so much hassle to change and would potentially have delayed the move, I would have told them to jog on!

It's the little touches that both annoy and delight. Make sure you delight!